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I was refunded my original deposit.I wish to clarify that the shipper changed the date MORE THAN ONCE and a 7 day window is a bit much even hauling horses.

I would not recommened them unless you have a ver LARGE window of time.He did NOT call me as he stated as never returned my calls after the night I waited up until midnight for him to show.

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I had to call him when he said he would call, explained the situation and we agreed on a date.The date needed to be changed by a couple of days because of him.

I agreed. I had to call him AGAIN to confirm after he said he would call me and didn't. He pushed that date back again and I explained that would not work. He assured me he would be here on a Thursday night, HE LIED and knew there was no way he could be here in time.

He did not accept my calls and did not return them.I waited up for hours.

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BEWARE OF THIS HAULER: I normally wouldn't do this, but I had SUCH a horrible experience with a hauler (and I've used a lot!), that I feel people need to steer clear.According to some online reviews and multiple horse owners with horses on the same trip as mine, this wasn't just a "bad" haul.

Joe Duncan (formally Larry Duncan) or J&J Transports. My horse arrived a WEEK later from Washington with a swollen eye, super thin and a crusted coat full of urine. He had at least 3 breakdowns (which things happen, that's not the issue). I had scheduled two more horses to come down to me for a client.

He picked them up, broke down two miles away from her place, and she had to have her workers walk her horses home. Mine was put somewhere a couple houses down from where he broke down. My client brought him diesel (we aren't sure exactly what happened. He told her he ran out of diesel.

Told me that his fuel filters had been stolen a few days before) and stayed with him for multiple hours while he worked on his truck. This was Friday night. Come Monday, he tells my client that he'll be there to pick up her two horses at 10am, since he has now borrowed a truck to finish the haul. He doesn't show up, and doesn't answer her calls (She went out of town and had to have someone wait there for him to pick them up).

Finally, around 12, she calls and cancels her two horses since he had been repeatedly flaky and there was always an excuse. She said his rig was bent up, dirty and she didn't feel comfortable. He doesn't offer to pay her back for the diesel (she also took him to her place to shower, etc.). He does, however, cash her check..

with her horses not on the trailer. So, then he gets to me late that night. My client tells me to either have him give me the cash or take it out of my check for my horse and then I could reimburse her. When I told him that I was going to take it out of my check, he said absolutely not, and that the transaction between me and him was completely separate from the transaction between her and him..

though I set up the trip. I give him the full amount (I was alone in the middle of the night and I don't know this guy). I said how my horse arrived above.. Not good.

After my very upset client and I talked about it, I canceled my check as I felt it appropriate until she had her money and blankets. Once he did that, I would reimburse him. What he did was very illegal! So, he has yet to contact my client for her money or her blankets (which were on the trailer).

Though he has threatened to sue me for my canceled check (though I have no hauling contract, and his insurance is in question), he hasn't attempted to contact my client. I had to pay another hauler (my main hauler who wasn't available at the time) for my client's horses. Anyway, the lies that came out of this guy's mouth.. And two stops before me, when he was broken down, people were taking him in, feeding him, giving him a place to stay, even letting their worker help him on the truck (under the understanding that he pay them for the help, which he told them he did, but he left no money and when contacted about it, he refused and was not very nice).

The stories go on and on and are different to everyone he speaks to (he even told one person that her horse broke his ribs and he had to go in the hospital though he never told anyone else that and seemed to be fine continuing to drive) Another review I read said that he told some people he got kicked in the face, and couldn't haul bc he was on meds, but then was driving the next day and was apparently magically healed. Bottom line, BEWARE! Do not use this hauler.

He's flaky, a pathological liar, and I would never feel comfortable having him haul a horse for me again.I'm lucky mine showed up in one piece.

to Anonymous #834044

I know this person, and she is a total liar. I would not believe a word she says. I have had several misdealings with this rude, immoral person.


Oh I just had the exact same experience with this guy!When you made contact to book a trip he was very courteous and initiated contact and said very "pretty words".

Once trip was booked, he failed to perform as promised. He was supposed to pick up one night and about an hour after the window he gave me for pickup I finally called him and he said he was just getting ready to call me (ya right). He claimed mechanical problems. He promised to pick up next afternoon and never called again.

Then when I contacted him once again and asked him if I should be looking for another hauler he said no and promised he would be to my place by 5:30AM. I told him he had to be there for sure by 6AM because we were headed out of town. At 6AM he still did not show up and did not answer my calls. The man is a compulsive liar.

Many people have had the same experiences and when they posted on Facebook their experience he messaged and called them threatening.

He is not a very stable person.Stay away!


This guy is a total flake.Told him I needed 24 hr notice for pickup five days after scheduled pickup he's finally ready to show up, with nine hours notice.

His excuses for delay, got kicked in face and can't see, is on pain meds and they make him forget to call, then when he's finally ready to pick them up, it was a blown brake line.

Yet he had supposedly been at home healing.I asked about the pain meds and he said he wasn't on them anymore yet text from day before blamed them on his lack of communication, find somebody else!!!!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #679618

Hmmmmm...... Thursday nights! Please, please leave me alone and just go show your horses.

Buckfield, Maine, United States #673915

That is not what happened at all.You changed the date REPEATEDLY and I told you I had a deadline.

You did not return my call NUMEROUS times and I had my phone with my constantly. I have shipped more than a few horses with more than a few shippers and you are the ONLY ONE to EVER stand me up with NO CALL.

YOU sir were less than honest.I NEVER said those things to you.

Waco, Texas, United States #673882

This client was very unreasonable as to the time frame of the pick up of a horse.In the transport industry things do not always go as planned since these are live animals, and require attention.

She stated that she "already had another shipper lined up", and I took that as she was cancelling my service.

I tried contacting the client multiple times, and got no answer, and received no further contact from her once I notified her that we were running behind.She stated that "she did not want to look at the horse any more", and I could not put the well being of the other horses in jeopardy just because she didnt want to look at the horse any more.

to Joe with J&J Transports 254-21 Henderson, Nevada, United States #810854

All you do is lie to everyone. You have no business hauling horses. :(

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